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Anti-Racism Means More Than Not Being Racist

Anti-Racism means more than not being racist. Anti-Racism is a form of active action against racism and the oppression of marginalized groups.

Here is a great summation by the website The AntiRacist Table, check them out at

“AntiRacist is a verb, defined by the action one is taking. To be AntiRacist is fluid, it takes consistent willpower. It requires a coming back to; a daily intention. It demands an open heart and an open mind that is flexible. It means in addition to accepting that racism exists, you are educating yourself and working to eradicate racism from within.

To be AntiRacist means that along with perhaps putting out a BLM sign or demonstrating, you are ACTIVELY engaging in opportunities to dismantle racist policies wherever they lurk. You won’t have to look far. Racist policies are in your community. They are in your schools, at your place of work, in your city and your state. In addition to prematurely and violently killing Black people, racist ideas and policies are spirit murdering Black children and Black people every day.

To be AntiRacist is to fight for equity. It demands that you use your privilege to help those who are marginalized and to dismantle anti-Blackness. As an ally and co-conspirator, you take up the fight for what’s right and what’s equitable. You look at the institutions and systems you encounter with a critical thinking lens, questioning the status quo. If you see something, you say something."

Absolutely amazing.

Be anti-racist.

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