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Get to know LEAD+CHANGE

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

We interviewed our founder, Chris Doré, to share with us the founding and purpose of Lead+Change.

What inspired you to start Lead+Change?

There are a couple of factors that inspired the creation of Lead+Change. The first factor was the lack of leadership that I was experiencing in my own life and the poor leadership I was observing throughout the business and political world.

I have to admit that throughout my career I have had “okay” managers but never really experienced good leadership. This made me think that there is an immense need for good authentic leaders, who put themselves behind their people and believe in just causes to pursue.

The second inspiration was my family. My wife, Sophie, is this amazingly strong woman who opened my eyes to numerous biases and societal issues that I believe good leadership can help change. My children, Evee and Ethan also played a large part to inspire me. As a parent, I want to help create a world that my children can be proud of.

I also strongly believe that the ability to be a leader, to be authentic, and to make a significant impact on the world is within everyone and I am passionate about bringing that out in people.

How did you come up with the name?

Lead+Change’s name came to us quite naturally. We wanted a name that explains our mission and Lead+Change does exactly that. To us and our community it has a couple of meanings, we included a positive sign between Lead and Change, so in a way, our name is actually lead “positive” change.

We believe good leaders need to have the ability to change themselves as well as the ability to inspire and guide others to change. We view change in a positive way and believe that progress and innovation are driven by change, hence the name, Lead+Change.

What motivates you to do this?

I think the largest motivator behind this is my personal experience with poor leadership. I wish I could say that I was inspired by some great leader to lead others, but it is actually the opposite that drives me to be a good leader and to create leaders that I wish I have had.

I also believe that one of the ways our world can change for the better is to create, support, and bring out authentic leadership in others. A good leader who puts people first has the ability to change their lives and in doing so change the world little by little. This is what motivates me to do this.

How are you different from the bigger consulting firms?

Lead+Change is not for everyone, that is why we spend a lot of time, in the beginning, getting to know our potential clients and their needs.

Compared to other leadership consultancies and coaches we are unique in a couple of ways. We use a very personalized process for each of our clients (you almost have to experience it yourself to see the difference), which enables us to support our clients in achieving their goals and through accomplishing their goals our clients change their lives for the better. We delve deep into the “why” of actions and provide a plan that supports their journey and authentic self. Action is key, and we jump into the difficulties and challenges with our clients to support them, an example of that is calling clients for daily check-ins when needed and by being available when our clients need us most.

We also believe that to change you need to search deep into your own personality, therefore our clients participate in monthly therapy sessions with a licensed therapist. Working on yourself is key to being able to be an authentic leader and change maker.

Although our clients have one main coach/advisor, we use a team approach when needed to support the various goals of our clients. Many of our clients also use our nutrition coach to achieve their fitness and weight goals. Overall, we consider our approach a very holistic approach to self-improvement.

Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful leader or coach?

It is our belief that everyone can become a successful leader, some leaders just need extra help and support to start or to take their leadership skills to the next level. Although there may not be one clear formula for creating leaders, we believe that a commitment to a just cause and to people, commitment to self-improvement, and a commitment to doing what is right are key in becoming an amazing leader. It is our honor to be able to provide this support and help people find their authentic leader within.

What are your top 3 values and principles?

Our top three values are integrity, courage, and respect.

With our employees and with our clients, we lead by example by living by this important simple motto, “Say what you mean and do what you say.”


To create an enduring positive impact on individuals, workplaces, and the world.


To change the world through supporting, developing, and creating value-driven leaders and change-makers.


Authenticity: Our number one goal is to help individuals and workplaces find their positive authentic selves.

Respect for all: We support and respect authenticity. Proud ally to LGBTQ2S, Black Lives Matter. Pro-Feminist.

​Doing what is right at all times: We are value-driven.

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